Just after Google announced the Android OS for Wearables which they are calling Android Wear, Motorola announced their first smartwatch, Moto 360 which will be coming this summer and will be powered by Google's Android Wear. The Moto 360's form-factor looks much like the smartwatch concept that we shared some days back.


There's nothing much revealed about Moto 360 apart from that that it will be using Android Wear and couple of photos. But it looks like Motorola was desperately waiting for Android for Wearables. And now that Google announced Android Wear, Motorola and LG have announced their first smartwatches which will be powered by Android Wear. LG also confirmed that they will be releasing their first smartwatch soon and it will be called LG G.

Since Google and Android are involved in the upcoming wearables, it will be interesting to see the how the upcoming Moto 360 and LG G will work and to how much extent will they be useful.


Moto 360 will feature classic look with round dial built with premium materials. It will be available in variety of styles and will be launching this summer, first in US. Motorola is also holding a Google Hangout on March 19, Wednesday at 1pm CT where the head of Motorola Consumer Experience Design will be talking about the design elements of the watch. You can register here for the Google Hangout.