I don't how much is 60 square meters but this apartment is one of the best I have seen in months. We have showcased previously some of the best architecture designs but this is my new favorite.

I was going through Behance and found this beautiful apartment design titles Transformer. The apartment is a 60 square meters apartment which is divided lengthwise by a sculptural structure in the middle made of black metal and plywood. There are bends over the surface of the plywood which not only makes inner space but also makes the structure look really awesome.

transformer-apartment-1 transformer-apartment-2 transformer-apartment-3 transformer-apartment-4 transformer-apartment-5 transformer-apartment-6 transformer-apartment-7 transformer-apartment-8

Main part of transforming blocks creates space of a common room. It is three rotating blocks, main one has tv-panel. Block rotates on its axis and it makes possible to look tv from different places bedroom, kitchen and common room. Two other blocks are folding and auxiliary, they also serve as door opening to bedroom.

Kitchen equipment is hidden in a niche behind a hinged partition wall, which slides apart. Refrigerator is also hidden in a separate niche. Bathroom door finishes the wall.

The concept shows no matter how small the space is, you can always use your creativity to make the space look good.