With doubts, Dribbble is a favorite spot for graphic designers for showing off their projects. Dribbble community is growing very well and one can see a lot of inspirational designs and concepts on the site.

While most designers build their portfolios on a separate site, if you're a Dribbble user and want to build your portfolio, you can use your Dribbble profile to create your own portfolio without doing anything much. All this is possible with a site ⌘+SPACE.


Created by Dribbble users Michael Dick and Evan Dudla, ⌘+SPACE allows Dribbblers to create instant portfolios. You don’t have to do anything except heading over to the site and entering your Dribbble username. Of course, those who aren’t drafted can’t use this. You need to have at least one shot to create your folio.

Once you enter your username, the next step(optional) is to add your social profile links if you haven’t linked on Dribbble. You can also preview your portfolio after entering the social profile links. Once you’re done entering, you can hit the “Publish” button to make your portfolio live.

Portfolio Designs

Most of the site design is static apart from few things like the background color of the header and the links to social network.

The portfolio page includes all the information of the Dribbble user, including the profile photo, name, description and the skills.


Shots are displayed in a grid layout and you get the shot details(title, likes and views) when you hover over the thumbnails. Clicking on a shot will redirect to the Dribbble page of that shot. The portfolio pages are very well designed. There’s also AJAX based loading of next set of shots.

If you’re a Dribbble user and don’t have a portfolio yet, you may definitely want to try this out. Here’s an example portfolio of one of the creator.