Control Center is one of the features introduced in Apple's iOS 7 Update. With just a swipe, you can access the controls and you can toggle Wifi, Bluetooth, Brightness etc. of your device. Control Center is an android app which clones the iOS 7 Control Center on your android device.

Control Center app makes it easy for you to switch your phone's connectivity anytime quickly and easily. You just need to swipe up once and it will show up iOS 7 like Control Center with beautiful UI and switches.


The toggles includes Wifi, Bluetooth, Vibrate, Mobile Data etc. unlike the original Control Center in iOS 7 which is limited to some selected toggles. Also, you get a brightness bar using which you can control the brightness of your phone without looking into the settings.

You also get a music player control, it sets it up with the default music player on your phone and plays the current music, with options of switching to previous or next track and a play/pause button.

The bottom most part includes shortcuts, where you can add your own shortcuts apart from the existing ones. So, if you want to launch apps without going into the app drawer, just swipe up and press the shortcut from the Control Center.

The app has got minimal settings, where you can switch from a full view to a minimal view which just shows up the toggles for Wifi etc. Also, you can tweak the height and width of the area for the gesture. The app works pretty well and is quicker. You don't need to close Fruit Ninja from now to open up any other app or to toggle the settings, just swipe up in the app and done.