iOS 7 is different, a lot different from any of the earlier versions of Apple's OS for iPhone. The design and the interface is made minimalistic and flat. The parallax feature in iOS 7 gives very nice effect when you tilt your phone.


You may have already felt that ordinary wallpapers, photographs or landscapes doesn't suit with the iOS 7 homescreen and the icons. Blur Studio is an app which allows you to create Blur wallpapers right on your iPhone. You can choose your favorite wallpaper or a photo and tweak it in the app to make a beautiful personal wallpapers.


This premium app comes with some nice features like the Home Screen Test Mode which allows you to test the wallpapers you create. The app will quickly preview the wallpaper and you don't even have to leave the app. Just drag the bar left or right to change the blur density.

The wallpapers created by the app are parallax wallpapers and you can also check the Parallax effect in the Home Screen Test Mode. You can also tint your blurs with any color. You can import photos from library or you can snap a photo from camera app and use it in the app. The app also allows you to share the wallpapers you create on Facebook, Twitter, Email, iMessages etc.