It is the first time I am seeing something like this, a color sensor which allows you to scan colors from real life objects on your smartphone or your laptop. Nix is a small device which helps you grab colors from any object, wall, posters etc.

What if you find a cool color in a poster or a wall and you want to use the color ? If you find yourself in such situations, then Nix is definitely for you. Nix is one of those products that I would recommend to every Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and not only these but it is one of the most useful product for Interior Designers and Painters.


Nix has the capabilities to make you a color expert, what you have to do is just keep it with you and whenever you want to scan a color from any object, just take Nix out and touch it to the color on the object you want to scan and then press the scan button on the Nix app on your smartphone. It is very simple to use gadget that you can keep in your pocket too.

The Nix App for Android and iOS will be available to users which will help you in scanning as well as saving all your favorite colors. Nix isn't ready yet, but it is going to be very useful product.


The final release will include features like you can add notes to saved colors, view the color codes in different formats like RGB, CMYK etc. You can also select a media for the color and the brand to get the directions to the nearest store where you can buy the paint of that exact color.

There are still 29 days left for the campaign and without doubt, the campaign will end up successfully. You can check more about this project on Kickstarter.