Looking for a simple and free music player for your Android phone ? TorchMusic is a minimal and easy to use music player which streams unlimited music.

TorchMusic is actually a web-based music streaming service by the developers behind the TorchBrowser. TorchBrowser is a browser which comes with features like built-in Accelerator, torrent downloads, media grabber, quick sharing and heavy security. It is available for Windows and Mac, but it is not much popular as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are popular ones and have majority of users.


TorchMusic android app comes with simple interface and with no options or settings, maybe because it is currently in beta. Apart from that, it doesn't plays the local tracks, the tracks on your SD Card. It only streams music and that too from YouTube.

The main screen loads all the new or trending albums from artists all around the world. You can explore from a wide range of albums in the app. The albums are well-organized and loads quickly on the main screen. You can choose your favorite album and it will show up the list of songs in the Album.

You can either play all the tracks or you can play a single track by selecting a particular song from the list of songs in the albums. Once you click the track, it will show up the YouTube video on the screen and you will need to click on the play icon to play the video. It is actually a Video streaming app and it buffers very quickly as compared to the Official YouTube app.

The main feature is you can sign in the app using your Facebook account and create your own playlists. You can browse through your playlists on the web too on the TorchMusic site.

You can add songs in the queue and browse other albums while you enjoy the music. You have option to skip to next track or to previous track on the music player.

The interface is simple and clean alike Spotify and other such apps with almost messed up design.