There are a lot of keyboard apps on Play Store, but this Fleksy is the most powerful and sleek keyboard. It is currently in beta and so it is not public on the Android market. But the keyboard is such a nice app that I left using the stock Jellybean keyboard which I have been using since the launch of Jellybean.

I am sure major users use the same stock keyboard app on their smartphones, some of them use Swiftkey or Swype. Another cool idea is Minuum keyboard which was a kickstarter project. I tried all of them including Minuum keyboard and truly saying, Minuum keyboard is worst of them as it gives you very small buttons and uncomfortable layout.


Swype and Swiftkey are pretty much similar as they are gesture based with almost same layout. Fleksy is somewhat different in the layout and comes with a Windows Phone's keyboard like flat interface.

The keyboard is simple and easy to use. It comes with three sizes for different kinds of user, Origin, small and mini with origin having biggest buttons and space and mini having the smallest. You can choose between the two color schemes, black and white. You can also enable typing sounds and haptic feedback with the option of changing the vibration level.

Apart from that, it supports dictionaries for better handling. So, you can add custom words in the dictionary too.You have option add languages so you can type in your regional languages, but I guess only English and Spanish is supported for now.

The app gives you option to import contact names so it doesn't auto-correct the names. You can also flick to the left to delete words quickly. And you also have an option for voice feedback.

Apart from all this, it comes with a speed game which helps you finding your typing speed using the keyboard. The only problem I have with Fleksy keyboard is that I am not able to disable the auto-correct feature and it always follows the English dictionary strictly.

The typing on the keyboard is simple and quick, it also shows up animation while typing which is cool.

How to Download Fleksy Keyboard

It is on the Google Play Store but it is available to the testers only, so not everyone can download Fleksy. The app is currently on the beta stage and is being tested for more improvements and feature additions.

If you are like me who don't care if it's alpha or beta and just want to try the app, follow this Google+ community of Fleksy and follow the instructions on the page to download it. You need to opt-in the Beta testing program to do this. Once you join the program, you will be able to download the Fleksy keyboard from the Google Play Store.