Ello is a new social network built by a small group of artists and designers. I came across Ello after seeing Oliur’s tweet and the time I saw the site, I was a bit confused as I was seeing a social network like this for the first time. I quickly signed up on Ello(thanks to Oliur) to explore the site and quickly got used to the things.

Ello is an invite-only, simple yet beautiful networking site which aims to remain ad-free. The problem with other social networks is that they collect data from users and either use the data for advertising purposes or sell the data. The creators of Ello are against this and that’s why they made Ello. Ello is just like a social network should be, you can create your profile, follow your friends, post updates and make comment on other’s updates. But what makes Ello different from other social sites is its beautiful design which I really love.


Ello is currently in beta and since it is now invite-only, you’ll need an invite code to create an account. Fortunately, we have some invites, so if you’re wanting to join this beautiful social network, just head over to the sign up page and enter one of the following codes to create your account.

Also, don’t forget to follow me on Ello.

  • for-ann-ears-minding
  • proper-while-bit-spoke
  • even-mushroom-snatch
  • letter-meeting-sight
  • pardon-read-larger-let
  • blow-hastily-along
  • im-unpleasant-general
  • dear-now-really-dodo
  • am-looked-summer-there
  • joined-itself-usual