When there comes a new trend in design community, everyone seeks to follow the trend show up their creativity to the fullest. Flat Design is trending these days, and graphic designers and concept designers are showing their creativity to the best.

From flat icons for Android Launchers to iOS 7 Icons Redesigns, designers are not leaving any moment to cultivate new ideas and innovation in designing. When you acquire new skills and abilities, you try to keep using them to develop hybrid ideas and abilities. This is how the design community runs, concepts acts as inspiration for second guy and he creates a new artwork.

Here are a couple of popular websites and brand's websites which redesigned with Flat UI concepts.



A Metro and Minimal redesign for the search engine, with flat interface everywhere. From the logo to the menu and the typography, everything is simple and sleek, though it could be better if the search buttons were not rounded to maintain the consistency in the design, but even though it looks good.



Inspired by the Facebook's timeline layout, this concept is unique with no sidebars and only a full screen timeline. With simple buttons and menus with light colour combination, this concept is pretty good redesign for Facebook for Tablets.



Flat and Clean redesign concept for twitter which is inspired from the current Twitter page layout. The colour combination isn't the one that twitter officially uses but the colours for navigation menu and profile info menu are well-selected. The timeline part could be better.



Tumblr mobile app redesign concept with flatter minimal look. Simple to use as you get direct links to create new post on the main screen and the post screen is also nice, you can switch between post types in the post screen. Swiping left shows up your Tumblr profile and account details.

Google Play Store


A beautiful redesign for Google Play Store.



A cool mobile phone app concept for Dribbble, a design based community.



A grid styled redesign for BBC with flat grid backgrounds and overlay content.



One of my favorite music streaming service, the current SoundCloud app is pretty much similar to this concept but this is flat design and clean unlike the original app which is pretty much tidy.