Facebook wants to turn Facebook Messenger into a platform and to start with that, they made a dedicated web app over at Messenger.com which is just the messenger part of your Facebook account. The new Facebook Messenger web app looks close to its iOS and Android apps.


But if you are like me, who don't like to use web apps and who always try to find app alternatives for using such websites, there's a new Mac app which lets you use Facebook's new Messenger site as a desktop app. The app is called Messenger and is created by Rasmus Andersson. Although Messenger Mac app is just the new Messenger site with a Mac app wrapper around it, it looks nice.


You can do anything using the Messenger app which you can do on Facebook Messenger web app. You can create new conversations, send messages, photos and stickers to your friends. The only thing you can't do on the Mac app is start a phone call or video call, which you can do on the web app. The app also lets you enable or disable Desktop notifications.

The app is good but it also have bugs, like it crashes sometimes. There's another app which gives the same functionality and it is called Chat. I've used both the apps and I found Messenger for Mac to be better than the Chat app.

Messenger for Mac is free and can be downloaded here.