IA's Writer Pro is a simple to use text editor for Mac with lots of features and functionality. If you're a lot into writing and editing, the app can increase your productivity.

I never thought that I will be writing blog posts on a Mac app as I  am well satisfied with WordPress's WYSIWYG editor. But yes, I am using it now and I am totally loving it.


Once you create a new document, the app allows you to select the type of Workflow. New Document opens in Note mode by default which you can change to Write, Edit and Read modes, each of which has different font styling.

The app comes in a 2 layout window with the editor in the left and a sidebar with text formatting options. Just like WYSIWYG editor, the app allows you to choose between 6 Heading tags, from H1 to H6. You can also use bullets and numbering for lists.

One of my favorite feature is that you can choose between different Syntaxes for analysis. You can select between 7 different Syntaxes.

The app has minimal user interface, and you don't get to see lots of buttons and dropdowns on the screen, which is good. It is among the best text editing apps I have used so far.


The app also displays the Statistics of the document in the sidebar. It shows the number of characters, words and sentences in the document. It also algorithmically calculates the Reading Time of the document, which is actually helpful if you’re going to read any document.

The best part of Writer Pro is that it allows you to choose the type of Workflow. The typography in each of the modes works really well. For Markdown lovers, the app allows the use of Markdown markup, otherwise you can use Keyboard shortcuts for formatting the text.


Once you’re done writing, you can preview the document by pressing Cmd + R. The shortcut opens a window with the preview of the document.

The app saves the document time to time so that you can revert back to any of the version. You can click on "File > Revert To > Browse All Versions" to browse through the document versions in a timeline view.

The app allows you to export your document as PDF, RTF, HTML and DOCX formats. You can hit Cmd + Alt + C to copy the HTML code of the document, which is really helpful for those bloggers who write their blog posts on Writer Pro.