Android L is one of the biggest update in terms of design in the history of Android. Google introduced Material Design at Google I/O, a new design language which aims to relate objects with materials. Google also wants to create seamless experience on phone as well as desktop by following the Material Design approach for both, the web apps and mobile apps. Google’s new design standard includes the use of bold colors, flat interface and a lot of animations for describing motion.


Andrew Coyle wrote in a nice blog post over Medium that the new approach is Skeuomorphic oriented and I totally agree with him. We have seen preview of few Material Design apps at Google I/O and there’s no doubt that the new approach is better than any of the previous design iterations of Android. But what we have to see is that Google comes with up with the Web apps.

Since Google released its Material Design guidelines, a lot of designers are practicing something based on new design language. They are coming up with beautiful animations and icon designs which look really nice. Below are some of Material design inspired beautiful designs by Dribbble designers.

Material Design Animation

New Android L Interface

Material Design Icon Templates

Facebook Android L Experiment

Android L PSD Kit

Material Design Icon Grid

Success Quotes App Redesign

Facebok on Android L

Android Keyboard Icon

Travel App

System Icons - Material Design

Android L Gmail User Interface

Search Widget

WhatsApp - Google Material Design

Material Animation

Google Icons 2014


Browse Albums Screen

WhatsApp - Material Design

Love Radio