iPhone 6 Concept

Designers are showing up lot of interest in concept designs, specially on Apple Products. A designer has recently revealed iPhone 6 designs which focuses on the true edge display screen.

The designer showcase iPhone 6 with border-less built design with wider screen than what the traditional and original iPhone series and iPhone 5 have. As you can see, both the iPhone 6 and iPhone mini have almost same designs but the Mini version has screen size less.

It's not official, though concept designs are very best look at what can you expect from the upcoming product. And when we talk about Apple, we have seen lot of iPhone 5 concepts before Apple actually unveiled the phone. It would not be wrong to say that we will get to see more such concept designs for the upcoming Apple products, specially from the community of Dribble and Deviant Art.

iPhone Malaysia believes the screen size would be enough to show up 7 rows of icons on the home-screen of iPhone 6, but we don't see much changes in the iOS design. Here are some screenshots.

iPhone 6 Product Image

Video Playback

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