With the availability of iOS 7 jailbreak tool, it is now possible to customize iPhone and iPad using tweaks and themes. Users can now use Winterboard to apply themes, which was recently made compatible with iOS 7 by Saurik. Since then, we have seen some beautiful themes like Jaku and Space Blueberry, and more themes will sure be releasing by time.

With so many winterboard themes releasing everyday, it has become hard to choose the best theme among all these cool themes. If you love flat design interface, then here are some themes that you may like to use on your iPhone. You can use Winterboard to apply these themes on your iPhone or iPod.


This flat interface is inspired by a iOS 7 redesign concept designed by Alexey Masalov. M'Flat theme comes with beautiful flat icons which are same as in the design by Alexey. Designed by Mushcube, the theme had 38 icons in PNG when Winterboard for iOS 7 wasn't working.


But a Reddit user added more icons of same style in the theme and ported it to work on Winterboard. The theme includes icons for all the stock apps plus it also has icons for most of the popular third-party apps. More icons will be added to the theme in future updates. The theme is fully compatible with Winterboard, and users with A7 devices can also use the theme.

You can download the theme here.


Flat7 is a new winterboard theme which has been downloaded thousands of times till now. The theme replaces all the system icons in iOS 7 with a bit similar icons with absence of gradients to keep Apple's aesthetics. The theme already contains a lot of icons including those for third-party apps, the designer will be adding more icons in the updates and users can also request for icons.


The theme is compatible only with iPhone for now, but the designer will soon be updating it with iPad compatibility.

You can download this theme from Big Boss repository.

Zanilla 2

Zanilla 2 is a sleek and clean iOS 7 theme with really beautiful icons. Since it is the initial release of the theme, it lacks most of the third-party icons which will be added over time. But the themed icons look stunning.


This free theme is available on this DeviantArt page. After downloading the theme, you can activate it from the Winterboard.