Recently, I re-partitioned my system to increase the size of Windows partition as I started playing lots of games these days and after formatting, I re-installed Mavericks and Windows 8.1 on my Dell laptop. Most of my work is done on OS X, and I use Windows just to run games. But after getting back to OS X, I decided not to use iTunes and so I installed Vox Player, which I think is the best iTunes replacement app.

The latest update for Vox Player brings a new interface and some new features too. You can manage your music library using your iTunes library as well as custom playlists in Vox. I decided to use iTunes library in Vox which is better as the albums are displayed separately unlike in Playlists which just display the list of songs, which makes it somewhat difficult to navigate through different albums. The albums you add in your iTunes library will be displayed in your Vox iTunes library.

In iTunes, it happens sometimes that we drag & drop an album in iTunes and it shows all the songs individually and not grouped in a single album. This is what happened with me yesterday when I tried to add a new album in my iTunes library. This is something that no one would want to see but there's a simple solution to this problem.


Once you add the albums in iTunes, and when iTunes displays songs individually, what you have to do is select the songs you want to group together in an album and right-click, and then click on "Get Info". It will display the Item information window. What you have to do is check the Album Artist check box and write "Various Artists" without quotes in the Album Artist box.


Now, in the same window, click on the "Options" tab and check "Part of a compilation" and select Yes in the same drop-down. Once done, save the changes. This should fix the problem and you should be seeing the selected songs in an album.