Google is introducing new features to its Chrome OS day by day. Recently, Google announced Chrome App Launcher which allows you to launch any of your Chrome apps right from the Windows Taskbar for Windows users and from OS X's Dock for Mac users.

If you're like me, you will find it hard to use the App Launcher. First of all, you need to have Chrome Sync enabled and why I don't enable it because it then keep on showing Personalized Results on Google. Also, Chrome App launcher not only gathers all your apps at one place but it also includes a Search box which can be used to search through extensions, your history and of course, Google.


All your chrome extensions can now work as native apps. It is good addition for Chromebooks as Google now don't need to open a new App Store for Chrome OS Apps. The extensions or games can work offline just as normal apps.

The new addition to Chrome OS will be a new Camera app. The camera app that comes installed with Chromebook devices is already available in the Chrome Web Store. It is a basic app which comes with live filters to capture photos through your laptop's webcam.

Google is working on a new Camera app for Chrome OS which adds more functionality and features. It also adds shortcuts for choosing effects, taking pictures, delete pictures and save picture to gallery. There are some issues in the working of the app as it is currently in development mode.

Here's how you can install it.

Download the Camera app for Chrome App launcher from here. You need to ignore the security warning while downloading the app. Once downloaded, open Google Chrome and jump to the Extensions page.


On Extensions page, check the "Developer Mode" at the top right of the page to allow installing 3rd party extensions on Chrome. Once done, drag the Camera app file you just downloaded into the Extensions page. Now, you can use the App launcher to open the new Camera app.


The UI is simple, there is a list of live filters in the bottom. You just need to click the snap button to capture the photo. After snapping the picture, you need to right-click on the photo from the gallery to save it to your desired place.