I always edit and make my articles on the web dashboard which comes with WordPress and I quite like it. I have already tried a lot of WordPress apps for Mac so that I could easily publish and draft my articles without opening the dashboard again and again but nothing worked well for me.


While browsing through the Mac App Store, I found a really cool app that allows you to you draft posts and edit articles with ease. Pixel Pumper not only is free, but allows you to create and edit articles of your self-hosted WordPress blogs very easily.

You just need to set up the blogs once and then the app takes care of everything automatically. Once you login with your blog details, you will be directed to the posts editor where you can create blog posts. The editor is a visual editor and very simple to use.

You get basic post formatting options like you can use heading tags and styling tags, blockquote, alignments, bullets, add hyperlinks and page breaks. The app also allows you to add photos directly from the editor. While writing an article, you can use Cmd + S to draft the article.


Once you’re done writing an article, you can set a Featured Image for the article by dragging an image to the Featured Image box and select the category from the list of categories, add tags and hit the "Publish now" button.

All the posts you make are listed in a narrow column in the left. You also get a search box to search through your previous posts. The app also displays the words count of the article in the title bar.


The app comes with minimal settings which includes the ability to use retina images in blog posts. You can also set the maximum width of images that should be displayed on your blog.

Pixel Pumper is quite useful in its current state and good for active bloggers. Using the app, you can focus on what you are writing and the content. The app can be made better by adding some more features like editing the slugs, some more formatting options, scheduling articles etc.