Popcorn Time is a new app available for Mac, Windows and Linux that streams movies from torrents. Currently in beta, the app allows users to stream movies directly without downloading the torrent.

If you don't want to wait for the download to complete, then you just need to download Popcorn Time and start watching your favorite movies without having to wait for download. Of course you need fast internet connection as the app buffers the video. The app uses APIs of other sites to gather movies metadata, torrents and subtitles.

The best thing is that Popcorn Time is absolutely free. But before using the app, make sure that downloading torrents is legal in your country. In some countries, it is legal to download copyrighted material but only for personal use. Since the app works through torrents, you should make sure that if it is legal or not. While you watch movies on Popcorn Time, you also seed the same at the same time. The app stores the movie on your local drive while you watch it and will remove the stored file once you restart your system. The app also lets you use Subtitles.


The interface is dark and modern. It lists all the movies in a grid. Users can switch to different categories from the left pane. To watch a move, you just have to click on it and choose the resolution, which you can choose between 720p and 1080p and then click on "Watch it Now". The app will automatically start playing the movie. The video player looks more like the YouTube player with basic controls for play/pause, volume and changing the subtitles.

You can download the app for free from the official site.