GIF, Graphics Interchange Format is a popular format for displaying animated images. There are a lot of GIF animations on the web which are created using different techniques, one of which is using Photoshop.

If you are a Mac user, and if you want to create Animated GIF without using Photoshop, then this tutorial is for you. GIF Rocket is a Mac app which allows you to create GIFs from your videos. You can either use your phone/camera videos or you can also use screen recording videos too.


This is very simple app, you just drag the video on the main screen of the app and it will convert the video in the GIF output and will place the output on the Desktop. You can also click on the circle on the app to open the finder browser from where you can select a video. Also, the more the length of the video, the more will be the time taken by the app to produce the corresponding GIF.gifrocket

There are also some settings in the app, but there aren't any advanced features available. You can change the Start & End time if you want to trim the GIF output.

You can also tweak the out resolution of GIF, which is by default 320 pixels. The last option is for altering the quality of GIF output. The more the quality level, the bigger will be the size of output GIF.