EyeEm is another photo discovering and sharing app for Android and Apple devices which serves as an alternative to Instagram. When Instagram updated their Terms and Services, it mentioned that the photos users upload on the app can be used anywhere, means users don't have exclusive rights of their photos.

This app isn't like that, you own the rights of the photos you upload using the iPhone app or Android app. That's very good until this site also changes the privacy policy.


Now coming to the app review, this is simple, quicker and Instagram like app with photo sharing facilities. You can sign up using the traditional way of using an email or with your facebook account too. Just after you sign up, it will show up the suggestions of people you should follow.

Just like Instagram, you have a lot of photo filters to choose from while you upload your photos. There are 18 filters from Vintage to Gotham of different tastes to apply on your photos. You can crop your photos on the same screen, and also you can use frames in your photos. There are 13 different kinds of frames you can choose and apply on your photos while Instagram is limited in this case.

The feeds are simple, where you can like photos of your friends and comment on the photos. You can see the photo in full screen by clicking the photo.

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The app menu can be found by swiping to right from left, which contains links to Discover page, where you can find the photos from your friends, the Popular page is the page where you will discover the overall popular photos with lots of likes and comments and which are trending.


There is also a feed for the photos which are tagged around you, means the photos which are taken near by you, you can discover those too.

There is Missions, which are communities just like the communities on Flickr. Missions are photo competitions within the EyeEm community. You can enter the communities and upload your photos to make a win.

The app is good and can be a good Instagram alternative for those who don't like to use Instgaram because of the privacy terms or the interface. The app is much like Falcon Pro in terms of the feel and UI, and both of them works on swipes.