It's been awhile since Nokia released Lumia 1020 and it looks like Nokia is getting less attention on its flagship device because of Apple's iPhone. The new commercials coming up from these tech giants are real mess.

Microsoft started making Apple iPad vs Microsoft Surface Ads which doesn't seem to have any logic behind. What they actually did is they slashed the price of Surface tablets as they have to because of less demands and they highlighted the fact that the Surface tablets comes with less prices though provides more functionality then Apple's iPad.


Nokia has produced a good phone, with 41 megapixel of camera, and Nokia thinks that their flagship phone is really outstanding to make people switch from their phones or iPhones to Lumia series. Camera isn't everything for users, there are other factors including the build quality, the design and most importantly, the selection of apps.

Looks like Nokia is getting inspiration from Microsoft's recently released Anti-Apple ads. Microsoft is constantly publishing such ads on their YouTube channels which shows what Surface tablets can do and iPad can't.

With the above video, Microsoft also created a page on their website comparing Apple's 4th Generation iPad 32 GB with Windows-based tablets. Apple never did something like this, what they did is they pointed out the facts between Apple's devices and compared them with other devices in the keynotes. Maybe that is the reason companies like Microsoft, and then Nokia are targeting Apple in the Advertisements.

Nokia released similar advertisement comparing iPhone with Lumia 1020 in terms of camera. Is the camera only thing one focuses on before purchasing a phone ? Not everyone is a photographer, and there are cameras and DSLRs for photography.

The commercial is getting disliked by users over at YouTube and if you want some laugh, you can head over to YouTube and read some of the comments.

Apple has scheduled an event on 10th of September which is most likely for unveiling the next generation iPhones. Also, it is reported that iPad 5 is also getting a launch this year, but it would be in a separate event later this year.

Apple doesn't release new products often, but when it releases any, it makes a huge trend all over the internet. iPhone comes with an App Store which have thousands of apps to download and Microsoft's Marketplace isn't a big deal for now.



The Nokia Ad above focuses on Camera, but even with having such a good camera, there isn't Instagram or other popular apps in the Marketplace which is really a shame for Microsoft. Nokia pointed that these popular apps are coming to the marketplace soon, but there are no such updates now from Nokia.

Also, there are some third-party apps that allows Windows Phone users use Instagram, but it actually doesn't matters until the platform gets official support. Nokia just announced that Path is going to launch for Windows Phone ( announced while I was writing this article), but it is like Nokia is developing on its own with a little support from the original developers.

It is good that Nokia is contributing well in the Windows Phone ecosystem, but that doesn't mean that these ads from Nokia and Microsoft will change-up individual's thinking. Microsoft should focus mainly on developing their marketplace and introduce incentive programs to make developers move from Android and iOS ecosystem to WP but that looks really hard as most of the developers are already established.