I found a thread on Designer News yesterday by Dragdis’s founder Domas Sabockis asking about user’s desktop and whether their desktop is clean or messed up. Users over there have shared some nice apps to keep your Desktop clean. There are many reasons to keep your Desktop clean, most important of which is it helps in terms of performance. I always find myself dealing with screenshots manually and either I delete the screenshots after using them or move them to a folder in Documents.

Tobias van Schneider, one of my favorite designer has created an app that lets you keep your desktop clean by automatically organizing your screenshots, and its name is just as nice as its interface. DotSnap, is a tiny app that helps you to do something with your screenshots rather than keeping them on your Desktop.


All the screenshots that are captured using the shortcuts in OS X gets saved on the Desktop by default. I expect to see an option to change the default location of screenshots in the next update(I know that we can do that using terminal command but that’s not the way it should be), but till then, DotSnap is a perfect and elegant solution. This tiny app sits on your Menu bar and lets you change the default directory for screenshots. So, whenever you will take a screenshot, the app will automatically move the screenshot to the selected folder. Not only this, you can set default name for your screenshots, like if you want to change the default name of your screenshots, you can simply write a name and all your future screenshots will be named that way. Also, you can enable or disable timestamps from the screenshot names.

I don’t know why Apple rejected DotSnap 3 times but DotSnap is really useful app for those who deal with lots of screenshots. DotSnap is available for download on DotSnap’s Behance page.