Official Behance app is now available for Android. Users of Behance can now access and manage their profiles right from their Android phones. The app also lets you search and discover millions of projects.


When you first start the app, you get a beautiful welcome screen which shows you an overview of the app. You can simply keep swiping through the overview screens to reach the main area.

Users can quickly check notifications by tapping on the bell icon on the top right, there is also a search option icon right after the notifications icon. Notifications can also accessed by simply swiping left on the screen. The Behance Android app uses the same aesthetics and design as they have on their website. You can swipe right to access the menu, through which you can navigate to your Activity Feed, the Discover page and your Profile. Activity Feed lists all the recent projects from the creatives you follow. It also displays all the activities from the people you follow.


On Discover page, you can discover new projects from all fields. On the top of this page, you get a drop-down listing Projects, Work in Progress, People and Collections. You can tap on any of these to check corresponding projects, users or collections. By default, the app lists all the projects on the Discover page, just like on their website, you can choose to see projects from a specific field. You can also filter projects based on location and sort projects based on popularity.


On User profile page, it shows all your projects with small thumbnail of left and title on the right. The app uses the same interface for the Project page. You can check the Project content which is displayed in web view. You can quickly check Project information by tapping on the Info icon at the top right, and you can also share the Project using the Share icon just after the Info icon. You can add the project to your collection using the three-dots button at top right corner.

Behance app doesn’t come with lots of settings, you can clear cache and log out of your account if you are logged in already. What I like about Behance app is that it simplifies discovering creative content from all around the world. Behance is the one of the most popular design community and if you are a designer, this is a must have app for you. From Architecture to App designs, you can discover every kind of creative and inspirational design content in Behance Android app.

Behance for Android is available on Google Play Store.