When it comes to inspiration, Dribbble is one of my favourite sites. I don’t usually browse Dribbble on my phone even when there are lots of third-party Dribbble apps on Google Play Store. I have used almost all of those third-party Dribbble apps and none of convinced me. But a few days back, I found a newly released Dribbble client for Android and I am in love with it.

Droidddle is a new, full-fledged Dribbble app for Android which comes with Material Design. The app allows you to browse Dribbble fully and not only this, the app also lets users upload shots right from their phones or tablets.


After logging in, the app displays you the shots from the Home. By default, it shows all the Popular shots which you can change using the two filters at the top of the screen. You can use these filters to explore Recent, Most Viewed and Most Commented shots. You can use the second filter option to change the type of shots you want to see, which you can choose from a lot of options like Team Shots, Debuts, Rebounds, Shots with Attachments etc. Using the filter icon at the top right, you can filter the Shots based on time. You can select the Shots from Past Week, Month, Year or Shots from all time.

Shots are displayed in list-view with the Shot title along with the Player’s photo at the top and the number of views, likes and comments at the bottom. Tapping on a shot displays all the details of the shot. You can share the shot, like it, add it to your bucket and also make a comment. The app also lets you view and download the attachments attached with the shots.


The floating add button at the bottom right lets you upload a new shot. You can also create a new bucket using the same floating button by long pressing it. Tapping on the hamburger menu or swiping towards right brings the app navigation. You can use this navigation to browse your Shots, Buckets, Projects, Teams and Shots you liked. You can also access Settings from the navigation. The app comes in Dribbble’s pink colour scheme but you can change it to your favourite Material design colour from the settings.

I have been browsing Dribbble on my phone using Droidddle since over a week now and I just want to say that I love this app. Droidddle has also made it to my list of favourite Material design apps.

Droidddle is free on Google Play Store.