Alessandro Diddi is an artist from Italy who designs creative 3D Drawings that creates illusions. The drawings on paper are so creative and looks very real. 3D Drawing is an art of drawing in 2 dimensions in such a way that to make the drawing look like 3 dimensional object, as if it is a real world object.


The artist takes a single piece of paper and fold it so as to make the drawing look like 3 dimensional art. DeviantArt is such an inspirational site and source of creative content that every designer should be on the site. Not only you will find inspiration for your net project, but it will also act as your online portfolio.

Here are amazing drawings by Alessandro Diddi from his DeviantArt portfolio.


The Dangers of Drawing in 3D


Jumping Dolphin


Andrea (Alessandro's son)

My Left Hand

Save Me


Stone Bridge

Pencil on Columns

Anamorphic Snake

Double Illusion


Guitar Anamorphosis

Door and Stair Anamorphosis