When it comes to To-do lists, I use and recommend Wunderlist which I have been using several years now. The service and its features are incredible and the developers keep on adding new features which is awesome. Also since it is available for almost all platforms plus as a web app, Wunderlist gives no reason to not to use it. But there are some other apps too which have nice set of features, like Todoist and Any.do.


Swipes is a really beautiful To-Do and Task list app available for iPhone, iPad, Android and also as a web app. I first downloaded the app on my Android after seeing the screenshots. When I first launched the app, I was greeted with a beautiful Material design interface with a floating plus icon at the bottom right.

The app comes with a three-screen layout with the center screen for Today's tasks, left screen for Later tasks and right screen for Completed tasks. The default is the center screen which shows Today's tasks and you can navigate to other screens by just swiping towards left or right. Adding a task is easy, just tap the plus icon and enter the Task. You can also add tags to the tasks. On the Today screen, you can swipe to right on a task to mark it as complete, or you can swipe to left to save the task for a later date.


The app looks minimal and the transitions in the app are smooth and awesome. Swipes also lets you add integrations, which currently includes Evernote and Email. Google Calendar and Dropbox integrations will be added soon. Swipes comes with minimal settings, like you can enable notifications, vibrations and change the theme to dark or light.

Swipes is available for free on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.