MIUI is very popular Custom ROM for android phones, and just after Apple unveiled iOS 7, a user made beautiful iOS 7 like theme for MIUI. If you are a regular android user, then you must be knowing MIUI. It's one of the most popular Custom ROM for almost all android phones and has very large user base. iOS 7 is getting mixed reviews, some people are liking it and some designers are not satisfied with what Apple have done with the update.

Apple's iOS 7 still lacks customisation unlike Android, which have got every customisation option possible. With the help of launchers and themes, we can change the interface. And there are Custom ROMs, like MIUI mentioned above, which fully transforms the way your phone's look to a whole new interface.

Talking about the MIUI ROM, it is very powerful and gives advanced features which you will not find in Stock ROMs that you get preloaded on your Android Smartphone. MIUI supports themes, and it has got thousands of themes to choose from. A user on 15th of June, just after a day WWDC finished, made a theme for MIUI that looks very close to iOS 7.

The theme comes with iOS 7 like Wallpapers, Icons, Lock-screen and the UI that you get in the apps, like settings and Contacts app etc. The dialer app is just like what iOS 7 have.


You can use it without having the MIUI ROM too, just download the "MiHome Launcher" from the Google Play Store and apply this theme in the theme settings. You will have a iOS 7 prototype on your Android device. But only your launcher and lockscreen will look like iOS 7 Home, if you want to theme the settings and apps interface, you need to switch to MIUI ROM for your device.

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