After Flat design, Google’s Material design is the new trend which is getting popular among designers. If you use an Android phone, you might already have noticed that a lot of apps are getting Material design inspired interface in the recent updates.

Google is bringing Material design to its phone apps as well as Web apps slowly and so far Google has rolled out Material design UI in Google NewsStand, Google Play Store, Inbox and some other apps. And I am very happy to see that designers are taking the new guidelines seriously and updating their apps with Google’s new design principles in mind.


Google has already released Android 5.0 Lollipop update for some Nexus devices. OEMs will take some time to release Lollipop for their devices. But if you want your device to give Material design like feel, you should check these awesome wallpapers. Most of these wallpapers are in high-resolution so you can use these wallpapers on your phones as well as on tablet devices.

To download individual wallpaper, you just have to click on the wallpaper and save it. If you like the whole collection, you can download all these wallpapers at once from the download link below.

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Download(25 wallpapers, 4.8 MB)