I personally don’t like the default contacts and dialer app which comes installed on stock Android. It lacks many things and the interface isn’t nice too. But in the recent Android 4.4.3 update, Google changed the look of dialer which lists the contacts in grid, but it still doesn’t look, specially the dialer buttons and the spacing between the buttons. But the advantage of being an Android user is the wide range of apps and that you always have alternatives. For Contacts and Dialer apps too, there are some nice replacement apps like Contacts+, Dialer+, Go Contacts, etc. These apps not only have better design but also feature advanced options and social media integration.


Ready is a beautiful Contacts app for Android. The app is design focused and features a stunning interface. It currently includes two screens, one of which displays the recent contacts and other displays all your contacts.

In the recent contacts screen, it displays the most recent contact at the top in full-width and all other contacts in grid. The contact grids have contact photo as background and the contact name is displayed at the bottom left corner. Visually, the way the app is done is really nice.

On swiping right, you get the all contacts screen. The screen displays a horizontal grid of all the contacts on the top which you can scroll right or left to jump to specific contact. The bottom of this screen lists all the alphabets. Tapping on any of the alphabet lists all the contacts starting with that alphabet on the upper part of the screen. The best part of this app is, when you round your finger over the alphabets area, it scrolls the contacts list on the upper part. It makes browsing through your contacts easy and gives beautiful experience.


On tapping on any contact, you get the contact information including the name, the phone number, and options for editing and sharing the contact on the top. You can quickly Call, Mail and Text the contact. When you swipe up on this screen, it displays the call log related to the contact.

Everything in the app looks nice on blur background and the transitions are smooth. Ready is currently in beta and is available only to those who’re in the beta testing program. You can also sign up for the app on their website.