Moto X Phone is going to be a big deal, the phone pictures were leaked before and now this video shows voice commands for Google Now without touching the phone. Yes, you read it correctly, the phone will come with Android 5.0 and will have new features.

Also, @evleaks twitter account updated a status a day before pointing 8th of August to be the release date for Moto X.

News coming everyday on Moto X, and one of the rumour is that Google is going to spend lot of bucks for the promotion of this phone alone. Now, if Google is doing this, we should take this phone seriously as Google doesn't produce hefty products. All the Nexus phone were huge hit and Nexus 4 crossed the records. The white Nexus 4 was out of stock in just few days.

Motorola isn't a company in the competition now, but Google will not need much time to take on companies like Samsung and HTC. And I can see the future, Samsung is going to be out of list in upcoming years without innovationless products. Samsung is making products with same design, and we can see variations only in screen size.


Moto X will be a mid-range phone and it is not going to be a flagship device. Google wants to start from the lower part of the market, and surely it's a good move as most of the android users use mid-range android phones.

New Google Now Will Listen to you Everytime

The new Google now will listen to your voice commands everytime, and now you don't have to touch any button or hold your phone for using Google Now.

A leaked video above from the Rogers, a telecom company shows up how this works. You don't need to touch your phone for searching anything on Moto X phone. This is one of the lots of feature that Google is going to release with Android 5.0, but major and helpful feature as you can control your phone without even touching it.

You will be able to open camera quickly now, just twist the wrist twice to open the camera application. But that doesn't seem to make it that easy,as users will prefer to open it using general way than doing abnormal activities with their hands in the public. Also, the video shows the new way of capturing photos, you now just need to touch anywhere on the screen to take photos.

Not to forget, Moto X is going to be a customisable phone, and you will have control over how your phone is going be in terms of design. Some rumours say that you can choose from different build materials, like plastic, wooden etc. Hope they allow options for customisable for hardware too, like it would be great if we can customise the processor, the RAM etc. but recently in a blog post on The Unlockr, @evleaks predicts the specifications of Moto X.

Indeed, multiple sources are pointing to a strictly mid-range feature set: sub-2GHz dual-core processor, modestly sized (4.3-inch?) 720p display, base 1GB/16GB RAM/ROM (microSD-upgradeable), and a 10-megapixel primary camera. - says Evleaks.

With all the hypes, Motorola promised to release the phone soon this year, and we are also expecting to see Apple event this september for new Apple product, the iPhone Light and the new Apple flagship, iPhone 5S.