Spotify app for Mac recently got an update, bringing completely new interface and darker background. I still haven't received the update but from the screenshots, I can say that the new look is pretty much good, better than previous one. Also, a few days back Spotify announced free music streaming for iOS and Android.

Spotify's iOS 7 app is nice. The app provides simple interface which makes it easy to focus on browsing and exploring new music.


Michael Shanks, a Behance user published a redesign concept for Spotify's iOS 7. The concept is inspired from the current app design but with some minimal changes which makes it look more iOS 7 friendly.


The concept of splash screens looks nice but isn't practical. The first screen is the login screen where new users can login with their Facebook account or Register with their Email account. The menu is pretty much same as in Official app but the blur background and better spacing between the menu items makes it look better.

The browse section is also similar but with no padding between the Genres. Cover is also displayed in Artist pages, which is a nice idea. The changes like the blur background, transparent mini-player and covers makes this a nice, practical redesign concept.