Android’s default clock app does come with countdown timer but it is ineffective if you want to set countdowns for events which are days away. Downcount is a simple yet beautiful app by Akhil Acharya that allows users to set countdowns.


I recently discovered this app and I am already in love with the clean interface this app comes with. It is super easy to use the app and to add a new countdown, you just need to tap the plus icon on the top right and it will ask you for the Countdown Name, where you can enter the event name, or you can leave it as it is. Apart from that, you need to set the date, which can be a date in the future or any past date. When you tap the calendar icon while adding a countdown, a mini-calendar pops up where you can swipe up or down to navigate through the months to select the date. Once you hit the "Done" button, it will show up the Countdown on the main screen. Wasn’t that simple?

All the countdowns are displayed in list view on the main screen with countdown name and the number of days remaining. You can quickly edit the countdown by pressing the countdown and holding it. Swiping right or left will delete the countdown. Downcount comes with a widget too which you can place on your homescreen, but it only allows one countdown per widget.

You can grab Downcount from Google Play Store for free.