Mac has gorgeous and consistent interface as compared to Windows and other operating systems. It's the beautiful experience of Mac that doesn't lets most Mac users move to a Windows machine. And one thing that makes Mac more usable is the consistent design of apps which is absent in Windows apps.

Mac Apps like Flamingo, Inboard and Vox come with a fresh and stunning interface that makes the users use the app even when they don't want to. And all these apps are possible because of the flexibility developers have with OS X.

While browsing on sites like DeviantArt, Behance and Dribbble, I often find some really beautiful app concepts and designs that I wish could be real. Here are some of those Mac app concepts which are worth featuring.


Concept of a menu bar app that displays notifications from your iOS to your Mac.


An app to compress PNGs using pngquant library.


This is one of my favorite. A mail app concept with flat interface and very attractive design.


Skybox is an app concept to browse and manage files in the cloud.


Spotify Mini Player concept.


Concept of Status Meter, an app that allows user to track the data usage.


Leemo Mail is a gorgeous mail app concept.


Concept of Memory Cleaner mac app.


Bulletin displays Gmail notifications.


A concept of a minimalistic music player mac app.