Google just previewed the next version of Android in Google I/O event, which they are calling Android L. The event was around 3 hours long and Google announced some new stuff in the event. Most of the event was developers focused. And as expected, Google previewed the next version of Android, but they still have to announce if it is Android 5.0 or Android 4.5. Also, they were calling it Android L, so they are also yet to announce what L stands for.


Google previewed a lot of design changes in Android L, making it look more flat and there’s a lot of use of bold colours everywhere. For example, Google’s Gmail Android app in Android L will look minimalistic and bold. Also, Android L will be full of nice animations and transitions. Developers now have thousands of new APIs to play with using which they can make their apps look better.

Android L is much cleaner and minimalistic than any of the previous versions. The focus was to create seamless interfaces that look similar across different devices. In Android L, the icons are made flat and there are some notification bar tweaks as well.


Just as earlier versions of Android, the new Android L will come with a new stock wallpaper. The wallpaper is an architectural photograph and matches the home screen. Those, who really want to have the wallpaper on their devices, you can grab the wallpaper below. The pack includes a replica of the official wallpaper designed by Nexbit design, the designer of Moonshine Icon Pack, one of my favorite icon pack. If you have the Moonshine Icon installed, you can also use the Theme Dashboard to apply the same wallpaper.