whatsapp-android-concept copy

Now that Google showed us what's new in Android, it is time for Android developers to work on their apps to match Material Design. Android L features an all new look which is completely different from previous versions of Android. Everything from the notifications bar to the system interface have been redesigned. Google haven't announced yet when they will be releasing the stable version, but it should before the end of this year. Till then, developers can learn the new stuff and plan to update their apps accordingly.

Michal Feltl in his latest Dribbble shot posted a redesign concept for WhatsApp. The concept shows how the WhatsApp for Android L could look like.


whatsapp-android-menu whatsapp-android-chats

The focus was to make a mockup based on Google's Material Design guidelines. The "New Conversation" icon at the bottom right corner looks inspired from the new Hangouts app shown at Google I/O. There are other design elements which make the app concept well suited for Android L. The spacing between the conversations gives the app cozy look.