With the release of new Nexus 7, Google also announced Android 4.3 with some new features and improvements. And yes, it is not Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie as most of the rumours said but a simple update.

If you were expecting a serious overhaul in the design and functionality, it will be disappointing for you as it inherits most of its functionality and interface from the predecessor Jelly Bean. The Android 4.3 update just adds some more advancements and support for new Google stuff.


Here's a list of new features introduced in Android 4.3 Update.

Better Multi-User Support

Multi-User in Android support was announced in the Jelly Bean update in which different users can access and login the same device making rooms for more than one users. It is more like a modern computer now, because you can add your family group on your tablet with different content for different users.


In Android 4.3, there are certain enhancements in the Multi-User feature. Now we have Restricted Profiles, which allows a user to limit the content to specific users, or to make the content totally private.

Also, the set of apps one user have is private and is other users have different set of apps. So, if you have purchased any app, you may or may not allows other users to use that particular app.

Similarly, the homescreen and the customizations are different for different users.

Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth Smart allows you to connect your Android device to other Bluetooth devices. With Bluetooth Smart, external devices like a Smartwatch, a Heart Beat Sensor, or a device like Fuelband can share the data with your android phone.

We will be seeing more such devices in the future which connects with your android phone using Bluetooth Smart.

OpenGL ES 3.o

OpenGL is the source of all new visuals and screen dynamics. OpenGL will allow developers to build high quality jaw dropping graphics in games and apps.

Notification Access

With notification access, apps can push the notifications of the status bar to the other devices which are connected using Bluetooth.

It is just like how Google Glass or the startup GlassUp works where the notifications are synced from your phone to the augmented display.

New Google Apps

Google also redesign some of its apps including Maps, Google Drive, Google Chrome for Android.

The apps now support full-screen view which makes them 15% more visible. The new Google Drive Android app now comes with Tile layout. Google Chrome now supports translation. So, if you jump to page with Chinese or something, than it will automatically show up the translation option below the navigation bar.

Google Maps Explore is same like Places, which suggests the places for Food, Shopping etc in a clean and minimal interface.

Android 4.3 is the enhanced version of Jelly Bean and there's almost no change in the traditional Holo User Interface. Apart from this, the new Google Now which should be hearing you all the time, leaked in a Moto X video isn't there, or maybe this feature is exclusive to Moto X phone only.

The updates are available now on Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and will be available soon for HTC devices.