If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may be knowing about Saved.io, which allows users to save any webpage to your account so you can refer to the saved links anytime. Since it is fully we based, you don't need any app or a client to use it except that you need the Chrome extension to save the links. We have also reviewed Kippt, a similar service that lets users save images, text, links etc. on their account.

There's also Pinboard, which we can give people's choice award as most of the people I know use Pinboard to save links and it's quite popular. I never tried Pinboard because there are free alternatives and I currently use Saved.io only, as it is simple, web-based and easy to use. Dragdis is new service, which is more like Kippt and is drag-and-drop based app.


Dragdis has an extension for Chrome and Firefox using which users can pin web content onto their account. After installing the extension, it shows up a sidebar where you can drag and drop anything. You can create folders to better organize your stuff. Now, to send anything from the Web to your Dragdis account, you just have to drag it to the right and it will show up the Dragdis sidebar, you just have to put it in any of the folders in the sidebar.

Users can also bookmark videos as Dragdis shows up a button on videos while you browse the web, to bookmark the video, you just have to hold the button and drag it to the Dragdis sidebar. After adding content to the Dragdis sidebar, users can add tags or notes too.


Users can quickly share the page they are on on Twitter and Facebook by dragging the link to the sidebar's Facebook or Twitter button. All the bookmarks can be accessed from Dragdis website.  Users can browse through the bookmarks easily and they also have a search box on the top to make it easy to find things.

On clicking any bookmarked content, you get a short-link in sidebar, with option to share the bookmark on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google Plus. The sidebar also displays the source of the bookmark on the bottom.