While designing a site, it is often that we use third-party fonts to enhance typography. Most designers nowadays use Google Webfonts or Adobe Edgefonts or services like Cloud Typography and Typekit, but the traditional way of using third-party fonts is the @font-face method and many designers still prefer this technique over Webfonts.

FontPrep is one nice app that allows users to generate Web font kits from TTF and OTF font files. You just need to drag and drop your favorite font in TrueType format or OpenType format and the app will process the font quickly. There are a lot of sites online that allows you to do so, but if you own a Mac, then this is the fastest and better way to generate web font.

Once you drag the font in the app, it lists the font after processing. You can quickly export the Web font kit using the export button in the bunch of buttons that appears when you hover over the font. The app generates all the web formats version including WOFF, EOT and SVG. The default export location is on the Desktop.


Not only this, users can also preview the font on the browser. The app opens up the font preview in the default browser on your Mac. You can also change the font size and font color in the preview and you can also enter custom text to testing.

Apart from these nice features, FontPrep allows users to directly install the font if it isn't installed already. On clicking the font, FontPrep displays the glyphs and with FontPrep Subsetter, users can create a font with selected glyphs. Users can quickly copy any of the glyph while hovering. FontPrep comes with basic preferences. Users can change the default export location and there are some other settings to control the font conversion. You can also quickly delete entire font library that you have in FontPrep from the preferences.


The app also makes it easy to manage all the fonts that were processed. Once the app processes a font, you can export the web font kit anytime. Based on my usage of FontPrep, I can only say that this is must have app for every designer.