The Collapse of Cohesion is a series of drawings which covers various structural elements and the disintegration of these elements. All these structural elements are from Levi Van Veluw's boyhood bedroom.

Veluw is a Netherlands based Photographer and Artist. Collapse of Cohesion is a set of drawings which includes the destruction of objects used by Veluw in the childhood like collapsing desks, falling cupboards and exploding cabinets. The drawings features the structural elements affected by the natural forces.

Although these works play on our fascination for destruction and need for disorder, they do possess an inherent compositional equilibrium. The physics of falling objects has a logic that is bound by rules. Each image has been carefully composed by Van Veluw in preliminary drawing studies. The placement of each element was not left to coincidence but was a preconceived choice of the artist.

archive collapsed-cabinet collapsing-cabinet-2 exploded-1 exploded-2 exploded-3 family-table-2 family-table grid-drawing ground hillock hole implosion mountain plants room-1 room-2 shallow-hole spheres-drawing tectonic-plates water wind writing-desk