With browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox, it becomes hard for users to switch to any other browser as these come packed with tons of useful features. Features like data sync, extensions, plugins are a need now and that’s what make the above mentioned browsers stand out. But these browsers also come packed with lots of plugins and stuff that you may not need.

Breach is an open-source, module based browser for Mac which is written entirely in JavaScript. The browser is modular, and everything in it is module based. You can select modules which you want to use and remove the ones which you don’t want. The browser is also hackable and fully customizable, users can write and use their own modules for specific purposes.

When you first launch Breach, it gives you the option to install a module which is needed to run the browser. So, at the start, you get fresh and simplest version of the browser. The browser is clean and minimal in looks which looks really nice. There’s only address bar at the top which also shows tabs on the right. In address bar, you get navigation buttons for back and forward, then the address bar and then a plus button for adding new tabs followed by the tabs. You can do Google search just by typing the search term in the address bar.


When you open a new tab, you get a “modules” link at the bottom right. On clicking the link, it shows you the list of installed modules and option to install new modules. You can do operations like kill, remove and update on modules.

I installed Breach just to test it and it has impressed me so far. Modularity is one plus point with the browser and you can customize by writing custom code, which is really nice. It also features a Chrome like Web Inspector. I got some freezes while using the browser but it's fine as it is currently in alpha phase. But overall, there are a lot of things to be done to get it to the standard.