Sony is working on a "Lens Camera" technology which means a lot for smartphones. Sony's Lens Camera are Lens with built-in processor and sensor. It will help your ordinary smartphones take Point and Shoot Camera like photos.

Sony is one of the biggest name in the field of Cameras, it is no doubt that this, which is still a rumor published first on SonyAlphaRumors is possible as it is previously reported that Sony was working on a Lens for Smartphone Cameras. And this is the one they are upto.

These camera lens have built-in sensor, and Bionz processor which pairs with your smartphone through NFC or WiFi and allows you to take photos from your smartphone like never before.


It should be noted that this isn't an extension to the original camera of your smartphone, like the Olloclip for iPhone, it is totally different camera. It replaces the built-in camera in your smartphone with externally attached Lens. The Lens Camera is just a lens, and there's no screen as it needs to be attached to your smartphone and you phone's screen will be the screen which is pretty cool.

These lens have an SD Card slot too as reported by SAR, so the photos will be saved not in to your smartphone with in the SD Card you will use with these lenses. Or maybe since it connects to your smartphone, it may also have an option to sync your photos between the smartphone and the Lens Camera.

These are basically normal lenses, DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lenses which are made advanced with connectivity options and smartphone pairing.

Sony is about to launch two camera lenses, RX100M which was originally released with Sony DSC Cybershot camera, which costs $748 on Amazon. This camera is high end compact camera and have 1 inch sensor capable of taking quality photos. The second camera lens is based on the sensor which was released in Sony WX150 which offers 10x zoom and comes cheaper.


The Nikon 1 system uses RX100M and it is highly effective in taking brilliant photos in different conditions. If Sony releases this, your smartphone will be able to take much better photos that what it captures now. With high resolution and sharper photos, you will not need to own a separate camera from now unless you are a photographer.

The leaked photos not only reveals the upcoming Lens Cameras, they also leak the upcoming Sony's flagship device codenamed Honami i1, so this is two in one leak from SAR. You can see the smartphone in the photos above.