One of the most popular Cydia App BytaFont, is now available for iOS 7. This app allows users to apply third-party fonts on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

BytaFont 2 just replaces the default font with the selected font and display it on your device. Since dialer in iOS 7 is basically an image, you can’t change the font in the dialer.


The only downside of iOS 7 I feel is the lack of customization unless you have Jailbroken your iPhone. iOS 7’s flat interface is good, but it could be better if Apple can add customization options in iOS 7, like changing icons, icons size, fonts etc . Jailbreaking simply gives users more power. If you haven't jailbroken your iPhone, you can check this guide.


BytaFont 2 users can download and apply fonts from iPhone Ruler site or from Cydia app. iOS 7 uses some variant of Helvetica as default font which looks nice, but there are also some other fonts like Roboto which look really nice.

Unfortunately, old fonts which were compatible with earlier versions of BytaFont aren’t compatible with BytaFont 2 for now, but the devs behind this Cydia tweak are working on it and soon we will have a lot of fonts to choose from. Users can also request for fonts on their site.

The app also gives the ability to choose different fonts for Camera, iBooks, Keyboard and System in the Advanced tab. Though choosing fonts for specific apps isn’t available yet.

You can back up and restore BytaFont fonts anytime. Reverting back to the original font is also simple.

Those who are upgrading from BytaFont 1.7.1 will have to restore the original font and uninstall the tweak in order to upgrade to BytaFont 2.