Gone are the days when users used browser’s native functionality for bookmarking their favorite stuff. They instead use services like Dragdis, Saved and Pinboard for bookmarking now, which not only makes the bookmarks accessible from anywhere, but also provides features like grouping and automatic screenshot generation for bookmarked links.


Stache, is a similar app, available for Mac, iPhone and iPad which allows users to quickly bookmark pages they like on the Internet. The best thing about Stache is that it displays the bookmarked content beautifully, in an aesthetic and visually nice interface. Other thing to consider the app is that it is a complete suite for Apple users, as with Mac app, it is available as a native app for iPhone as well as iPad.

Bookmarking is via browser only, and Stache comes with extensions for Chrome and Safari, plus a bookmarklet that you can use on other browsers to send your bookmarks directly to your Stache library in one click. When you trigger the Stache extension or the bookmarklet, the page automatically gets added to your Stache collection. The screenshot of the page you bookmarked automatically gets generated in your Stache collection. You can attach tags with bookmarks for better organization.

The Mac, iPad and the iPhone version of the Stache have similar functionality and interface. You can browse through your bookmarks, add a bookmark from the app or you can quickly search for a bookmark. The Search is pretty advanced and the app looks for the term you searched in the page contents too. Full-page screenshots of the bookmarked page gets stored on the Mac app. And yes, it does come with iCloud syncing, so all your bookmarks sync across your devices and you can enjoy your bookmarks on the go.

For an app that also comes with features like Quick-look Previews, Import/Export Bookmarks files, Export Full-Page screenshots, Export Web Archives, URL Sharing, there’s no reason to not to try the app.

You can download Stache from Mac App Store for $6.99 and from App Store for $1.99.