We’ve lots of weather apps in App Store but most of them don’t come with an interface that you can call gorgeous. I’ve not used all, but some and I ended up using the stock Weather app in iOS because I couldn’t find the one for me. While browsing through my Dribbble feed last week, I came across this shot by Mark Hendriks. I thought it was just a concept shot of a weather app when I first saw the shot but after I jumped to the shot page, it mentioned that it is an actual app which is going to be in beta soon.

It’s been a while since I’ve been beta testing this weather app called Wild Weather, which is now live on App Store. The app is simple and comes with lots of beautiful hand-drawn illustrations for every type of weather.


When you first launch Wild Weather, it’ll ask for permission for accessing your location. Once you allow it to use your location, it’ll show your weather temperature with textual description of the weather on the top of the screen. The background is dynamic in the app, so it shows light background in the day and switches to dark in the night. You’ll also see beautiful illustrations in the background which change automatically depending on if it’s day or night. The subtle animations in the background makes the app look really nice.


You can see detailed weather information by swiping up. The app shows precipitation, wind speed and wind direction with a textual description of today’s overall weather which is nice. It also shows three-day forecast at the bottom with low and high temperature information.

This is enough information I expect from a Weather app and I think I’m going to stick with Wild Weather for sometime. I like the way everything’s designed in the app, some things could be made better but overall I like the app.

Wild Weather is available on App Store for $1.99.