There are extensions for Google Chrome which can change the appearance and content of the New Tabs. Poshfeed is a Chrome extension which displays Inspiring, fresh and professionally curated content with every New tab. Unlike Momentum which is a similar extension, it doesn’t come with Todos or Weather, rather it focuses on content and it does it beautifully.

Whenever you open a new tab, it displays a full screen background along with article title and summary in the left. If you like, you can quickly share the article on Twitter or Facebook or you can save it to your Pocket account for later reading. It also displays current time with Refresh and Menu button on the right side. Users can select the type of articles which will appear on the New tab pages by selecting desired Categories from the Menu. It keeps the natural functionality of Chrome by keeping the list of Most visited links on the bottom of New tabs.

Poshfeed makes it easy to discover new and inspirational content. You can download Poshfeed from Chrome Web Store.