Google is about to release Android L very soon and we can already see some nice apps on Google Play Store featuring Material Design UI. Cabinet is a simple and lightweight file manager for Android designed by Aidan Michael Follestad. The app is very simple to use and looks very nice in Material Design touch.


After launching the app, you get the main screen where it lists all your files and folders. Swiping towards right shows a menu with quick links to Storage, DCIM, Music and Pictures directory. On the main screen, it shows the folder/file icon with its name and a three-dots icon on the right in list-view. You get a list of operations you can perform after tapping on the three-dots icon next to a file or folder. Apart from the normal operations like copy, rename and delete, you can also create a zip of the folders or files. You can also Pin your favorite directories to the quick links menu. In the action bar, you get a Back button at the right for quick navigation and three-dots icon for accessing the app menu. From the app menu, you get option to Sort the files, Search, Filter and open App settings.

You can also perform operations on multiple files or folders by tapping and holding on the desired files or folders and then on the three-dots icon at the top right in the action bar to choose the operation. While selecting multiple files, you have to tap on the folder or file icon to select it. There’s also a Material Design inspired add icon at the bottom right of the screen tapping on which you get the option to add a New file, Folder or Remove Connection.

Cabinet Android App

The app is fast and works very well. After granting root access, you can also access system files and directories. Cabinet is currently in beta and also has a Google+ group where you can get early updates and request features.

Cabinet beta is available for free on Google Play Store.