Gmail is the primary mail service I use on a daily basis and I open the site too frequently. Yesterday, when I opened the site in the night, I was like "Nice!".


I noticed that the Gmail login page is redesigned. For a while, I thought that I opened up any other site but I was like "WOW" when I saw the Google logo on the top of the new page. Here's a screenshot of the new login page.


The new page has the login form in the center with larger input fields. The design is clean and simple and I can now quickly enter the login credentials. The login page loads much faster now as compared to the previous design.


They don't only redesigned it, but I have noticed some new features like it saves the login history and shows up all the accounts which I used to log in earlier. So, you can quickly switch between accounts. No matter if you change the browser, all your accounts will get displayed on the login page.

I think Google is rolling out the new design gradually and it is not activated on most of the countries now. When I took a quick screenshot of Gmail on some sites, they showed up the old login page which means that I am among the early users to see the new design.