The plus point of having an Android phone is that you can customize your phone using Themes and Icon Packs. We have a lot of third-party launchers like Nova, Apex, Aviate and others which not only give your phone’s home screen a new and fresh look, but they also come with bunch of features which the stock launchers doesn’t. Developers have more flexibility than any other platform.


After rooting your phone, you can install ROMs to have a whole new look on your phone. MIUI, which is one of the most popular ROMs available, is also one of the best looking ROMs. It comes with a iPhone-like interface which really looks good. And you can also use MIUI themes to customize the home screen, the icons, the system interface and more. 

There are tons of icon packs on Google Play Store that you can use with your favorite launchers to give your phone a nice look. With so many themes available on Google Play Store, it is very hard to choose the best one. So, here are some of the new and beautiful ones you might like.

Don’t forget to check out our minimal and flat themes collection.



Moonshine is one of my favorite icons pack with gorgeous flat icons. The theme includes 385+ vector icons made in XXXHDPI and 17 custom cloud based wallpapers. It also includes Material design inspired Dashboard app which you can use to set wallpapers.

Compatible with : Nova, Apex, ADW, Smart, Action, Unicon, Go and some other launchers




Influx is a beautiful long shadow icons pack which includes over 950 icons and custom wallpapers. Influx comes with a Dashboard app which you can use to search and request icons and also set custom wallpapers. The theme also comes with masking support for unthemed icons, Widgetlocker slider and Muzei LWP plugin. Here's a video of the overview of Influx.

Compatible with : Action Launcher Pro, Apex, ADW, Nova, Solo Smart, Atom, Aviate, Inspire, KK, Holo, Launchmate Pro and Go Launcher




Cryten is a round and flat design icons pack with over 2130 icons and 50 high quality cloud based wallpapers. The theme comes with dynamic calendar icon support, muzei live wallpaper support and icon masking.

Compatible with : Action, ADWEX, Apex, Atom, Aviate, GO, Inspire, Nova, Smart, Solo, TSF, KK Launcher and many more

Download($0.99 currently)



If you love MIUI icons but using CyanogenMod or any other ROM, then you can use MIUI 5 theme to give your phone MIUI like look. This theme comes with over 3,400 icons which is huge. More icons are being added through updates by the developer.

Compatible with : Apex, ADW, Action Launcher Pro, Atom, Smart launcher, Nova, Holo, Lightning launcher and more




Domo is a beautiful and one of my favorite icon packs for Android. The theme includes 1925+ chiclet-style based icons, custom cloud based wallpapers and Muzei live wallpaper support.

Compatible with : Nova, Action Launcher Pro, Apex, Solo, Smart Launcher, Atom, Aviate, Themer, Inspire, KK, Unicon, Holo, AWDEX, Nine and Launchmate Pro launcher




Voxel is a long shadow icons pack which are square shaped. The theme includes over 900 high-definition icons with icon masking support and a set blur wallpapers.

Compatible with : Nova, Apex, Action, Solo, Smart Launcher, Atom, ADW, Go, Holo, Unicon, Aviate, Themer, KK, Nine and many others


Belle UI


Belle UI Icon pack is one of the most popular icon pack for Android. The set includes 1240+ Belle themed icons designed for XXHDPI screen. The theme is compatible with Zooper Widgets and supports almost all launchers.

Compatible with : Action, ADW, Apex, Atom, Aviate, Dodol, Epic, Go, Holo, Inspire, Kcin, KK, Lucid, Mini, Nemus, Nine, Nova, Smart, Solo, Themer, Unicon and Trebuchet launcher




Tondo is a beautiful circle shaped icons set with flat design. The theme includes over 900 high-quality beautiful icons with icon masking support and 5 custom wallpapers to suit the icons. It comes with a dashboard which can be used to apply wallpapers and icons.

Compatible with : Apex, Nova, ADW, Action, Holo, Smart and some other launchers

Download($1.29) | Download(Free version)



Banded is a minimalistic icon pack with white icons. Glyphs are used and are bordered which look really beautiful as icons. The theme comes with over 830 icons, dashboard app, icon search feature, icon masking support, custom wallpapers, Muzei plugin, Widgetlocker slider and more features.

Compatible with : Action Launcher Pro, Apex, ADW, Nova, Go and some more launchers




Flazing is a unique icons pack with paper effect over the icons. The set includes over 1600 high definition icons and cloud based 54 beautiful wallpapers.

Compatible with : Apex, Next, Action, Nova, ADW, Go, Holo, Inspire, Action Launcher Pro, Smart, TSF Shell, Aviate, Unicon and KK launcher




Peek is a set of simple icons with minimal icons combined with subtle graphics. The theme doesn't includes lots of icons now but the theme developer will be adding more icons in updates.

Compatible with : Nova, Apex, Go, Holo and ADW launcher




AroundLite is a colorful icons pack with bordered circle icons. The theme supports Icon masking for every launcher except Go launcher.

Compatible with : Nova, Apex, ADW, Go, Action, SS, Smart, Holo, TSF and some more launchers

Download(Free) | Download($1.53, Full version)

Black Moonshine


Black Moonshine icons pack is inspired by the Android 'Moonshine' design. The theme includes over 2500 icons designed in XXHDPI resolution, dynamic calendar dates, over 80 custom wallpapers with cloud based wallpaper system. It also includes custom clock widgets, additional dock styles and dock bars.

Compatible with : Supports most launchers




Simplex is a minimal icons set including around 500 XXHDPI resolution icons.

Compatible with : Apex and Nova launcher




Numix is yet another circle icons pack with flat design. The theme was recently released so it doesn't have lots of icons, but more icons will be added in updates. It currently includes over 250 icons and some custom wallpapers.

Compatible with : Apex, Nova, Holo, ADW, Action, Trebuchet and more launchers