I earlier wrote about how you can easily make animated GIF on your Mac using GIF Rocket. But what if you liked a video on YouTube and want to share a specific part of the video in GIF. You can do this by downloading the whole video, trim it and make the GIF of the desired part using any desktop app. There are lots of desktop apps for Windows and Mac which can turn a video into a GIF. But this isn’t the easiest available way for generating GIFs from a YouTube video.

GIFYouTube, is a new web app that lets users quickly make animated GIF from YouTube videos. To generate a GIF from a YouTube video, you just need to open the website and enter the URL of the video in the box. It will then load the video and ask for the GIF Title, Start Time for the GIF, which you can enter by checking the video. You can also choose the length of the GIF which can be at-most 10 seconds.


The best thing about GIFYouTube is that you can make GIF quickly from a YouTube video. When you are watching a YouTube video, you just have to put “gif” in front of the YouTube video URL. So, if you’re watching a video on YouTube with URL “https://www.youtube.com/….” and want to make a GIF out of it, you just have to add “gif” in the front like “https://www.gifyoutube.com/…” and hit enter. After entering, you will be redirected to GIFYouTube site where you will be asked for the GIF length, Start time and GIF Title.